A night at the opera

puritani pam and michael

On Tuesday evening we went to Rimini to see a film of Bellini’s “I Puritani” staged in Bologna last year. The leads (the couple on the left) were Juan Diego Florez and Nino Machaidze the new “dream couple” of opera.  The cinema was small but the screen large and the sound quality excellent. The opera started 8.30 and finished at 11.45. So a long evening well worth the journey but it meant we didn’t get home until after 1.00 am.

We went with Pam and Michael (photo on the right) who live with their dog (photo below) Max in Tavernelle, not too far from us. Their daughter Naomi joined us for the evening as she was stranded in Italy following the iceland volcanic explosions. Before the cinema we went to a restaurant called “Osteria del Borgo” which had been recommended by a friend and which was just round the corner from the cinema. This was very useful as we finished eating at 8.25. A great find both in terms of convenience and the quality of the food.

The tickets to the cinema normally cost 10 euros but we got in for 8 euros, the pensioners’ rate. Not sure how Pam convinced the person at the ticket desk that Bill and I looked over 65.

p.s. the opera’s plot is very complex but basically Arturo and Elvira are in love. Arturo leaves Elvira for various reasons. Elvira goes mad, which is indicated by her always wearing a long white nightie and forgetting to comb her hair. Arturo returns, all is forgiven, Elvira regains her sanity and they sing happily ever after.

max the dog

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  1. Ali says:

    So, did you like the opera?

  2. admin says:

    Very much. The two leads made you believe they were in love.

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