Opera in Rimini – things Pam and Michael told us -2.

Pam and Michael like opera and told us about the Tiberio Cinema in Rimini who hold viewings of operas – both recorded and live broadcasts. The cinema/theatre is managed by the local parish but forms part of the Associazione Cattolia Esercenti Cinema nd is also a  member of the Federazione Italiana Cinema d’essai (art house cinema). From 2008 the cimema has  new equipment capable of showing films in “high definition”.

This week we are hoping, tickets permitting, to go and see “I Puritani”. When we were back in the UK recently the friend we were staying with kept “dipping into” the Arts channel. They always seemed to repeating “I puritani”. So I have seen the end of the first act and the beginning of the second act. It will be nice to see the whole thing and find out if it has a happy ending.

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