Cafe Centrale – Senigallia

cafe centrale

Cafe Centrale in Senigallia has closed. When we first came to this area it was the most popular cafe in Senigallia. In the middle of the main street it was the ideal place to people watch.

However, over the last few years the competetion has increased. Most other bars have had makeovers, have improved the quality of their nibbles etc. On a Friday and Saturday evening Senigallia is packed with young people and they took their custom to the new bars. Cafe Centrale got emptier and emptier, shabbier and shabbier, locked in a 60s time warp, However, even at the end its gin and tonics were better than the newer bars.

So what will happen to the site. Rumour has it that it will reopen under new management as a bar/bookshop. There is a bookshop almost opposite the cafe at the moment again rumour is that the new owner of Cafe Centrale has a grudge against the owner of the bookshop and wants to put┬áhim out of business. Could it be “Bookshop Wars in Senigallia”?

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