San Giorgio Informa

The latest issue of San Giorgio Informa came out in December. 
Highlights of the latest edition:

The new roundabout is deliberately being left in a “temporary” state so as to allow assessments of its usefulness and ensure it is put in the best postion.
Contracts for road repairs are being finalised. These works will include the resurfacing of the road to Montecuccho (there is a very popular restaurant/dance venue there).

Solar Energy
The Commune approved the creation of the “San Giorgio Innovazione, Energia e Territorio srl”. The aim of this limited company is the creation of a solar energy plant. It will produce a minimum of 689 kilowatts and will cost 4.5 million euros. This will bring economic and environmental benefits to the area.

Turbogas Plant
The proposed turbogas plant near Corinaldo will, according to the Environmental Impact Assessment by Edison (the company proposing to build the plant) and presented to the Ministry of the Environment, will have minimum impact. The group “Valcesano Sostenibile” is challenging this assessment and have highlighted a 2003 review article by Armaroli and Po in the journal ” Chimica e l’industria” which found the production of ultrafine particulate matter (PM) by the plants have been underestimated if not ignored and that in fact the PMs produced are of environmental significance. These findings were confirmed in a report by the Universities of Trento and Padova on a turbogas plant in their area. This reports speaks of increased health problems in the residents near the plant. San Giorgio with other comunes in the area are opposed to the creation of the plant.

The School and Sustainable Development
Luciano Barbetta (councillor) has written about the importance of introducing young people to environmental sustainability:

luciano I bought some cyclamens to brighten up the garden in winter. Within a week they had died. A local garden centre said that the plants were bred to die quickly as then people would have to buy new plants. This market philosophy which prioritises sales over sustainable cultivation is something we cannot extend to our most precious “plants”, the children of San Giorgio. In the school we can make them aware of the problems they will face in life and equip them to deal with them. The best method of teaching is by example and therefore the Commune in introducing recycling, solar energy are setting an example. If a new school between San Giorgio and Piagge becomes possible then using renewable and sustainable techniques in its construction can show the children that there is an alternative to a culture of consumption and profit.

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