Eating well in the Marche

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The Espresso magazine publishes an annual guide to the best restaurants in Italy. There are 10 restaurants listed for the Marche. 5 of the 10 are in the north of the Marche and so within our “eating range”.

Uliassi     (Senigallia)  Average price: 110 euros. 

Madonnina del Pescatore     (Marzocco near Senigallia).  Averageprice: 130 euros.

Symposium Quattro Stagioni   (Serrungarina) . Average Price: 100 euros.

Hotel Giardino   (San Lorenzo in Campo).   Average price: 48 euros.

Antico Furlo    (Acqualagna).  Average price: 58 euros.

We have eaten at the Uliassi which, at 100 euros per head, is a “very special occasion” restaurant. However, it is great, particularly the fish antipasti. Service is very attentive and the only embarassing moment is when the chef suddenly appears at the table to introduce himself and once he has said “buona sera” there are some moments of embarassing silence as no one knows what to say next.

Hotel Giardino always has good food, beautifully presented and at a reasonable price.  

We haven’t tried the other three restaurants but are happy to be taken to them by anyone visiting. The Antico Furlo overlooks the river in the Furlo Gorge. We often go to the gorge which was one of Mussolini’s favourite stopping of points on his way from Rome to Rimini. There is a bar beside the restaurant and it has a dining room devoted to his memory complete with the dining service he used. The “Antico Furlo” is a hotel as well as a restaurant and some of the furniture in the rooms were brought by Mussolini from the Palazzo Venezia in Rome so that he would feel more at home when spending the night at Furlo.

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