A night at the opera.

jesi theatre

Sunday we went to Jesi to see a production of “La Traviata”. As you can see the opera house in Jesi is very traditional with rows of boxes around the stage. We were second tier up and to the side but the view wasn’t too bad.  Bill and Elizabeth, who paid more, sat in the front of the box and I, paying less, had to sit behind them. So for me it was a restricted view but having the box means you can stretch your legs during the performance and can even talk without disturbing anyone else.

We enjoyed the performance even if some of the acting was wooden and the singer playing Violetta was more convincing while dying of consumption than playing the part of a high class, flirting courtesan. All the singers started off unsteadily but got better as the evening progressed and the final death scene was, we all agreed, very moving.

The performance had started at 4.00 and finished at 6.30. So plenty of time to drive to a restaurant and finish the day with a good meal.

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