San Giorgio Informa

The recently elected administration have just issued the first issue of a bi-monthly newsletter called “San Giorgio Informa”. The aim is to keep citizens updated about what the administration has done or is in the process of doing.

The first issue highlights the following:

Joining with Piagge, Barchi and Orciano (the Roveresca Union) to introduce door to door rubbish collection. In September a campaign to educate people on how to divide their rubbish into paper, glass, aluminium etc will begin.

A fruitful meeting with the Piagge Administration in order to integrate their schools.

From the new school year in September the students from the two Intermediate Schools (Scuola media – age 11-13) of Piagge and San Giorgio will have joint classes at San Giorgio.

Final plans and financing in place for resurfacing of roads around the town, including the road to Montecucco (location of a popular local restaurant with dancing).

Some needed work at the Sports Field has already been completed.

Prelimary plans for the creation of a cooperative with responsibility for some local services e.g. cleaning.

Walls of the Intermediate School have been painted by the comune’s workers and volunteers from AUSER (a society aimed at helping elderly people to be an integral part of society). 

The wall of the castle has been cleaned (caper plants removed and some trees chopped).

The local park had been cleaned and two extra benches added.

Adult education courses (beginning Oct.) have begun to be organised.

Preliminary plans for the installation of a solar power plant begun.

Preliminary plans to increase the efficiency of the town’s public lighting.

Initial contacts with the Province to about introducing roundabouts to increase road safety.

Initial contacts with the Province’s Environmental Assessor to discuss introducing footpaths in the countryside.

Initial talks with the relevant church authorities about acquiring the ex-cinema in the centre of the town and with the Marche Region about resources for its restoration. (The aim is to use it as a theatre(?).

Requested financial help from the Region for the project: Sustainable Culture – school and environment. To help students in the elementary school know and respect our environmental heritage. 

From 20-23 August a delegation will go to Hombourg-Haut (town in France twinned with San Giorgio) to discuss the relaunch of the twinning.

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