Giro d’Italia comes to town

tour d’italia

On Monday the Giro d’Italia passed through San Giorgio. This was the second longest stages in the competition (237 kilometres) and according to some pundits it was one of the toughest as they had to cycle up four mountains with a incline of 18 degrees in some parts.
giro d’italia
giro d’italia
It was also a very hot day – in the low 30s (100 degrees). The stage was won in the closing stages by Carlos Sastre after more than 7 hours cycling.

However, as San Giorgio is only 40 kilometres from the starting post and is relatively flat the riders passed through the town very quickly – within 5 minutes it was over. But it was 5 exciting minutes which ended with me being hit by an empty water bottle thrown by one of the Saxobank team.

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