Ethnic foods

heinz beans

The Auchan supermarket in Fano has an “ethnic foods” section. This section includes, among other things, baked beans. It also has some chinese and mexican foods reflecting the fact that the ethnic population of the area is changing. Even in San Giorgio I can buy basmatic rice as well as risotto rice.

A wider selection of ethnic food is available in some shops in at area. In Senigallia, which has an “Indian” quarter there is an Asian supermarket. In Pesaro, where there are about 250 Sri Lankan families, there is a shop selling everything you need for Asian¬†cooking. At Fano, near the railway station, there is an African shop catering to the immigrant population.¬† So now, when I need coconut milk for my curries I am spoilt for choice. I will be making an economic decision and going to the African shop in Fano where it costs 1.50 instead of 2.00 a tin.

The “ethnic shops” all reflect some link with the British empire. Apart from selling baked beans, they all sell Birds custard powder, porridge, condensed milk etc. Unfortunately¬†Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut chocolate isn’t available.

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