New Year Wedding

Filippo, son of a neighbour, and Lucia arranged to get married on New Year’s Eve. There were 250 guests – a mixture of family, friends and neighbours from the village.  The marriage service was in Fossombrone (20 minutes from SG) and was to begin at 5.30pm. By 4.30 the groom was still out with friends in Piagge. He arrived home at 5.00. He didn’t arrive at the church on time.

However, at 6.00 the service began with the priest recalling that Filippio had asked him to be short. He wasn’t. At 7.00 we were out of the church. It was very cold and instead of waiting for bride and groom to exit we went straight to the restaurant. Before the meal there was a buffet and drinks. The actual meal started at 8.00 and we finished eating at midnight – just in time to toast the new year.

We had the following dishes:

Antipasti:    Cream of carrot and barley soup with squid.
                      Prawns wrapped in prociutto with cubed potatoes
                      Fried polenta cube with cheese and mushrooms

Primi            Stuffed pasta with tomatoes and langustine
                      Crepes in a fosse cheese sauce with black truffles

Secondi         Fillet of sea bass with sautee vegetables
                       Beef fillet in pastry with  potato and pinenut tartlets

Dessert         Wedding cake; Fresh fruit; home made pastries.

Along with the food came good wine, live music while dinner was being served, a clown for the children, and all finished off with fireworks at midnight.


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